19 May 2009


This month, Lewis Communications is featured in the international design magazine novum.

The title spread includes a poster I designed for the "Antiques in the Gardens" show that benefited the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I also did the photography and final retouching was done by photoshop guru Andy Cargile. Click on the spreads to read the article.

Oh, if you're having trouble reading parts of it, the article is in German and English.

Big props to all the guys at Lewis for continuing to pump out great work.

07 May 2009


For several days now, I've been converting an old Canon 1Ds into a pinhole camera. After a few test shots, it's dialed in pretty well. I started out with a hole using an old dart, and ended with using just the tip of a needle. It's not pretty, but that's what I love about it.

And this is the result. Not bad for a first try. I think it can be perfected more so look for updated shots taken with the digital pinhole camera.