29 July 2010

A rant and a praise - San Francisco, CA

Recently, I was on a shoot in San Francisco and needed some equipment. Nothing special or too unique but something that Wal-Mart wouldn't carry. I've order a ton of stuff from Calumet, so naturally I tried their local store first. It was a huge mistake. The staff was rude and un-knowledgeable when it came to anything. After wasting my time there, I tried Best Buy as a last resort, but was out of luck.

Then I found Adolph Gasser Photography on a search. This place wasn't big, but had a ton of equipment and accessories. The staff was more than knowlegable and helpful. Mark Schiffner helped me get what I need and was out the door quickly. I highly recommend stopping by on your next trip to San Francisco if you need anything. You won't be disappointed.

Adolph Gasser Photography 415-495-3852

The Shins cover Goodbye Girl

Another fabulous cover, this time by James Mercer of The Shins. You can download this free song here.

Ashley Smith

(via E Deus criou a Mulher)

28 July 2010

9046 by aleksandra88

(via deviantart)

Alice in Wonderland by Pogo

Growing up, I never liked the Alice in Wonderland movie. In fact, I hated it. But I can watch this remix over and over. Warning: this will get stuck in your head...

Beast - Mr Hurricane

This is a fun video. After seeing it I had to download the song. enjoy.

Beast - Mr. Hurricane from MapleMusic Recordings on Vimeo.

Finally got my website up and running.

thanks for looking.

24 July 2010

Love this painting. I want it.