20 December 2010

07 December 2010

It Rarely Stops

One of the better commercials I've seen in a while. Very powerful stuff. I recommend watching it full screen at 1080. Spot created by Young and Rubicam - Chicago

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

02 December 2010

01 December 2010

Cam Newton - Become Legendary

Great short video about Auburn's Cam Newton. Normally I wouldn't post something so sensitive as politics or football, but this this is really nice. Plus he was just ruled eligible by the NCAA. Enough with the smear campaign already. Play football.

29 November 2010

22 November 2010

Adele - Someone Like You

I stumbled on this song earlier today. I love it and you will too.

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18 November 2010

Ode To Pears

Screen Print by Labparters in San Francisco

(Already sold but still nice to look at : Etsy)

17 November 2010

Postcard from Bali

Short video packed full of simple, yet beautiful visuals. I had to watch it several times. Definitely worth viewing.

Postcard from Bali (Canon 5d MkII) from Stephan Kot on Vimeo.

15 November 2010

12 November 2010

03 November 2010

Sasha Pivovarova

Beautiful series of model Sasha Pivovarova

(via Tash Craven)

21 October 2010

28 September 2010

24 September 2010

23 September 2010


Simply stunning photography from Max Modén and Waldemar Hansson.

30 August 2010

21 August 2010

19 August 2010

Yes, I can't wait to see this

16 August 2010

10 August 2010

Fix You

I'm not a big Coldplay fan, but this song reminds me of a dear friend I lost. This video could have been so much more, but the song alone is worth a watch... Fix You.

Update: Sorry, You have to watch it on Youtube. Coldplay sucks.

Micah P Hinson - Beneath the Rose

09 August 2010

05 August 2010

Look Out!

This guy is my hero. Even after almost dying, he stays calm and gets the shot.
You rock dude.
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01 August 2010