18 June 2009


About four years ago, I decided to create something special for my niece's 5th birthday. After sorting through hundreds of images that were taken over several years, selects were made and I created a photographic journal of Ava's first 5 years. Ava's handwriting was used as the title on the cover.

Most of the images were never before seen by her or her parents. It was extremely hard to hold back so many photos for five years but my hope is that it was much more special. It should be fun to look back on during her adult life.

Below are a few of my favorite shots included in the book.

On a side note, my nephew Jack was born last november so look for another book in 5 years.

15 June 2009

Say Cheese

This morning at my six month teeth cleaning, I saw the final printed shots from a shoot back in December. At my last appointment, my dentist mentioned that his son was about to lose one of his front teeth and would love to have "cheesy" smiling headshots of his two children to hang in the hallway of his office. It turned into a series of 6 using his kids and his niece and nephews.
I'm not sure what size the final prints ended up, but these things are BIG. The resolution from the 1Ds M3 held up great. Being placed in such a heavily traveled hallway, the laminated finish is more durable and easy to clean.

(Apologies for the low-quality iPhone photo above)

After spending the day with six children, I have a new respect for child photographers.

02 June 2009


I recently did a shoot for the clothing boutique Theadora, located in downtown Homewood. They needed a few exterior shots for their website being designed by Holly Cook. Theadora's has a very cool stone exterior. But, one issue I had to overcome was that it blends in with the surrounding stores. We decided a dramatic night shot could really make it stand out while also feeling very inviting. A big thanks to Ben Fine for volunteering his time to help out.