29 April 2010

Profound. @theacehotel

Chase Jarvis © 2010

I love this iphone snap taken by a little-known photographer by the name of Chase Jarvis. He is the sole reason I started shooting photos with my iPhone. This guy gives so much back to the photography community and is an inspiration to many. It will do you good to get to know him and his work.

27 April 2010


Self Portrait Jeffrey Williams © 2010

This is by-far one of the toughest times of my life. There are a lot of uncertainties about the future, but I have faith everything will turn out for the better. I just wish this pain would subside...

21 April 2010

Destination Chicago

The past couple of days, I spent some time in Chicago. I was generously given Southwest buddy passes - A HUGE thanks. It was the first vacation I've taken in over 4 years. I purposely didn't bring my camera or laptop so it was very relaxing and low-key. I did, however, snap off a few iPhone photos to document my trip. I've done the touristy stuff in the past, so this was just a chance to spend time with my brother and see some things that most people miss.

Leaving BHM.

Birds-eye-view of the Chicago suburbs.

Brunch at Bongo Room in Wicker Park. Yes, those are banana-bacon pancakes and they were delicious. Too much food to eat. (Tip: You can order half-sizes and single stacks.)

Meet Roscoe, my brother's rescued pet turtle. He enjoys begging for dried shrimp but really wants crickets!

piece. Very tasty thin-crust pizza served on large baking sheets. Highly recommended.

Puppetbike. This thing is C-R-A-Z-Y! Adults stand around and laugh at these puppets. This bike comes complete with music and lights. But, I have to admit - it's pretty funny and entertaining, as well as confusing.

A night out at Marty's. A cool martini bar where we met some awesome people. The night went downhill from there.

Tiny car in Andersonville.

I did a lot of antique shopping while I was there. Loved these stacked pots and wish I could have bought them all. But I doubt they would have survived the trip back.

The hidden entrance to Violet Hour. Complete with fake "coming soon" sign painted on the outside and various graffiti. That lonely looking guy is actually a bouncer. Cool concept and equally cool space.

This concoction is a bloody-Mary in a tiki-faced glass from Tweet. Despite being kinda weird, it served a great brunch. And we were even given apples as we left. Why you ask? For earth day of course.

Even the runway at MDW has insane traffic. Leaving Chicago...Goodbye to friends old and new.

A thank you goes out to Jim and Zach for letting me spend the weekend with them and showing me a great time. I saw some really cool things and ate some incredible food. I don't get to spend much time with them so I hope they will visit soon.

13 April 2010

Jeffrey Williams © 2010 Atlanta, GA